Thursday, July 12

ps) i love quizzes

Case number: 001384
ALIASES:dawny depp
LIKES:afi, going to concerts where it's intense and small so everyone gets super sweaty and violent, text messaging, music, singing alone in my car, re-connecting with old friends, hanging with my bestest friends
DISLIKES:the dark, 90's music, veggies
HATES:being in water where i can't see the bottom, mayo, cottage cheese, mustard, self centered people, people who are foul and rude
KNOWN MARKINGS:long eyelashes, little dipper on my cheek
KNOWN FOR:double jointed fingers, bad sense of direction, not paying attention to things, whipping out my flask at random moments
KNOWN CRIMES:kidnapping people and throwing them in my trunk, running from cops in wisconsin and crawling through the soy bean plants, trespassing, public intoxication, jaywalking... blah blah blah
WANTED FOR: flipping off jerkoffs while driving, jumping on a little girls foot on purpose. i get away with everything bad i do.

The Evil Inside
Vital Statistics
City of Residence:chicago area
The Winner Is...
Thrillers vs. Slashers:thriller
Evil vs. Good:probably good, but i like evil.
Ghosts vs. Monsters:Ghosts. most def.
Evil Dead 2 vs. Army of Darkness:army of darkness
Autolycus vs. Ash:wha?
Have You Ever...
Seen a ghost:i like to call them spirits
Played with a ouija board:mine is behind me on the floor then i have my grandparents one from the 1920's like 10 feet away from me.
Tried another method to contact the dead:seance
Visited a cemetary just for fun:yeah, they're creepy at night
Poked the body at a funeral:hell no. that's disresectful
Went to a strangers funeral:yeah. friends grandma
Given yourself the creeps:all the time
Make People Stare
Does your style of dress freak out other people:i don't think so?
Do strangers think you are evil:haha no
Do you dress for Halloween in a month other than October:sometimes!
Do you have any tattoos:yup, one
If so, what & where: wrist
How about peircings (ears don't count):just 4 in the ears
If yes, then where:
Do people roll up their windows when you drive by playing your music:sometimes
Do you have creepy stickers on your ride:nope
If so, what's your favorite:i have ron jon surf shop, nin, some whicked design and i'm gonna be putting my afi one up soon
Ever use a wild hair color:well hair spray colored ones. pink and red
Would You Rather Be...
a ghost/a vampire:vampire. they're hott
ax murderer/strangler:ugh neither
Walmart shopper/Target shopper:target is so much better
Kate Beckinsale/Lucy Lawless:kate is sexy!
Rob Zombie/Sam Raimi:def rob zombie.
in the ground/mausoleum:mausoleums are beautiful but i'd rather be buried in the ground
What famous dead person would you like to meet:lucille ball
What famous person would you like to haunt:george bush. i'd want to make him go crazy and go to a hospital

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