Friday, March 7

davey havok dream...

this is one of my most FAVORITE dreams. i woke up at 10am when it was 3/4 done. i fell back asleep and the dream actually continued. this is my 2nd dream with davey in it. here it goes...
my friend lynzi and i got picked from a contest to get our teeth whitened and meet davey. i ended up going first. i went in a separate room, laid on my stomach on a bed and the dentists put me under the "happy gas". then davey entered and laid on my left side. there was a slide show of afi music videos. i could hear davey kind of singing the words to himself. i was too embarrassed to even look at him. i was defiantly star struck. then he turned, looked at me, took off my gas mask and started singing TO me. this is when i almost fainted. just like the picture from above that's the only part of his face that i could see. i can still remember the details on his face. like the creases at the outer parts of his eyes, the texture of his skin and of course his lip ring. he also had his nose pierced on the his left side twice right next to each other. i asked why and he said he didn't really know. we started to ignore the afi slide show playing on the wall. we laid on our sides face to face. the dentists were getting kind of annoyed because they still had to do my teeth whitening. then the best part came.... he started to kiss me. very passionately. it was heaven. then lynzi started to walk in and totally ruined the moment. she wanted his autograph and luckily we stopped kissing before she came in or else she would have been pissed at me. she left and he told me that he wants me to take a walk with him. there was an afi concert outside the place where we were so he went in disguise. i ended up losing him through the mass of people. i stayed in the crowd lost in my own thoughts of what just happened. then a hand embraced mine and pulled me to a clearing. it was davey. he said 'i thought i lost you'. we went back to where the dentists still were. they asked if they could start the whitening process and davey kept on saying no, i'm not done hanging out with her yet. he told me that he wanted me to go first because he was spying on me through the curtains and knew that i was the girl for him. i told him that we met before (which actually happened in real life) and he didn't believe me for some reason haha. then i woke up which is very unfortunate. never the less, i will cherish this dream until the day i die.
--->To smell or see gas in your dream, indicates that your need to be re energized. There may be a situation in your life that you are having difficulty in getting a handle on.
--->Dreaming that you are visiting a dentist might mean you're subconsciously seeking help or answers in the area of self-expression or self-nurturing, or your own intentions to improve yourself in these areas.
--->To dream of a kiss, denotes love, affection, tranquility, harmony, and contentment.
To dream that you are lost, suggests that you have lost your direction in life or that you have lost sight of your goals.
To see lips in your dream, signifies sensuality, sex, love, and romance.
soooo maybe this dream means that i'm lost with my goals for love, harmony and romance. maybe davey represents a guy in general to find me from being lost? who knows. it was still a fucking awesome dream!!!!