Monday, July 23

the end of an era

I just finished reading the last book in the magical series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I could not put the book down at all. I went to Borders on friday night and picked up my reserved copy at midnight. I read about 20 pages that night and couldn't go any further because I was so exhausted. Then on satuday i started where I left off and I read off and on all day until around 4:30am. I made it to page 405 . today (sunday) I did the same thing and read off and on until I finished the book which was page 759. so it really only took me 2 days to read the entire thing. I'm so sad that the series is over. I'm not going to go into detail about what happens or anything so if someone is reading this who hasn't read the book I will not give away anything. I would be pretty pissed if someone ruined it for me. The past few months for me has consisted of everything to do with Harry Potter. I decided to re-read the Order of the Phoenix just to refresh my mind for the new movie. Then i re-read 1/2 blood prince to refresh my memory for the new book. Then the movie came out. I don't really like it. They left out a LOT, but it was much better than the Goblet of Fire movie. Then a week later and the new book comes out. Ohh, but this book is the best. I finally know why everything happened the way it did. I shed lots of tears in certain parts and Snape holds a special place in my heart.

ohhhhh how I wish that the magical world of wizards and witches existed. Having a wand and going to a school that is a castle would be the coolest thing on this planet. I have no idea how JKR thought of the idea of the books. She said the idea just came to her. I can understand that, but there are SO many twists, plots and characters that I sometimes have trouble keeping them straight. I wonder if she wrote the last chapter first before writing the entire thing. If I ever meet her, I will ask her that same question. She is brilliant. It's so cool that the age range who fell in love with these books are from really young children to grandparents. I can't really think of any book that are like that. I just don't know how children can understand what exactly is going on. After the 3rd book, obviously the book started to get dark and more in depth. At the release party the majority of people there were really young kids! I know i wouldn't have gotten everything at that age.
[the countdown for midnight to strike so everyone can buy HPDH]

I sometimes catch myself in my everyday life whispering spells and charms to myself. Like when i go to unlock my car door I say.."alohomora". Other fans are crazy too like that I know. There defiantly won't be another book. I am pretty sure of that. There's a "19 years later" part at the end of the book. I guess all we can do now is each of us can daydream how everyone else lives their life beyond what is in the book. the end- Dawn

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Priya said...

Great post! Exactly what i wanted to convey too:) Happy imagining!