Tuesday, July 10


first of all i must quote one of my favorite songs hence the title of my "name", the nephilim....

"The Nephilim"
Swing through sadness, tears of joy.
Curse the sunlight.
Arsenic for the girls and boys.
Drink the madness, smoke so coy.
Smile injection.
Serum of a will destroyed.
The seasons change without me.
I remain in shadows growing wings.
The spirit song still surrounds me, in refrain, in shadows growing wings.
Like an angel with two broken wings, reach the sky again.
Like a devil, meant for better things, I will find my place on high.

Sometimes songs can change your life. I have another blog on another site that i've had since 2004. i think it's time for a change and a new(ish) start. i love how i tend to add (ish) on the end of words. it makes no sense, but it makes them more interesting! this is a neat site. i got bored with xanga. there's just so much you can do with that. i had trouble adding pictures and stuff on there and i love pictures. problem solved. on xanga i tended to trail off blabbing about needing to change my nail color or commenting on a program on tv that i'm watching. hopefully, here, i will try not to do that. if i had a drink in my hand, this is when i would raise my glass and make a toast to fresh new starts. it would be better if that glass had some zinfandel wine or something like that in it. mmm... wine! A few weeks ago while i was trying to read a harry potter book in less one week the weather outside was perfect. i took my book, a nice cold glass of wine and sat in my springy seat that is shaped like a banana that hangs from the ceiling of our roof. it was so lovely until the alcohol was starting to take an effect on my reading skill so i gave it up for harry potter.

and this is where i leave off for my first *new* blog.

pixi dust,

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