Friday, April 3

beware of the bear

Last night i was in alaska. i was walking in a green field and i suddenly remembered that there were bears there. then a grizzly bear stood on its back legs to look over a small hill it was behind and saw me. i started to run and it was following me. there are bare trees in my way and slows me down in running. my friend was in it too, but i don't know if he was trying to help me or i was running to warn him of the bear.
-->To dream that you are being pursued or attacked by a bear, denotes aggression, overwhelming obstacles and competition. You may find yourself in a threatening situation.

-->To see a bear in your dream, symbolizes independence, the cycle of life, death and renewal. It may signal of period of introspection and thinking. The dream may also be a pun on "bare". Perhaps you need to bare your soul and let everything out into the open.

The bears is reflecting a situation that i am afraid in confronting. The bear is symbolic of introspection and self-reflection. The green fields indicates my hopes and my unlimited potential for growth.

bloody knife

soon after my gun dream i dreamed that i was slicing peoples throats with a sword/knife like i was going on a rampage.
To dream of a sword, means it can be seen as a phallic symbol and thus represent masculine power. To dream that you are carrying a knife, signifies anger, aggression and/or separation. There may be something in your life that you need to cut out and get rid of. Alternatively, the knife may be symbolic of something divisive in your life. You may be attempting to cut ties or sever some relationship.
To see your throat in your dream, symbolizes the ability to express yourself and communicate your thoughts/ideas. To dream that others are bleeding, signifies an emotional cry for help.
so the knife means anger and when i use it on the throat... i'm expressing myself in anger and when i see the blood i'm crying out for help when i do so.