Wednesday, July 25

moose dream

last night i had a bizarre dream that i was walking through woods (that looked like a campsite). what i was walking on was like a drawstring bridge, but it was only a few inches off of the ground. after i got into the little dirt road town i started being chased by a bull moose. i hate the dreams when you are running as fast as you can, but you can't seem to move. well anyways, it chased be back to the bridge and there were pieces of wood gone from it so i had to be careful. the moose caught up to me but next thing i knew i was riding on top of him. he seemed not to care that i was there. everyone was watching me. then he got tired and laid down. i was trying to wake him up because i wanted another ride.

i looked up what moose means, and here it is...
To see a moose in your dream, represents long life and longevity. It may refer to the elders around you. Alternatively, a moose may also indicate that you can be both powerful and gentle.

so maybe this means that i will have a long life, but it will be hard (the missing pieces of wood). the powerful part may refer to that i'm having difficulties (again, the missing pieces of wood) in my life right now, but i am still powerful and will get through them. as for the elders around me, my grandma is really old, lives across the street from me and is still kicking. maybe she is the moose LOL

Monday, July 23

the end of an era

I just finished reading the last book in the magical series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I could not put the book down at all. I went to Borders on friday night and picked up my reserved copy at midnight. I read about 20 pages that night and couldn't go any further because I was so exhausted. Then on satuday i started where I left off and I read off and on all day until around 4:30am. I made it to page 405 . today (sunday) I did the same thing and read off and on until I finished the book which was page 759. so it really only took me 2 days to read the entire thing. I'm so sad that the series is over. I'm not going to go into detail about what happens or anything so if someone is reading this who hasn't read the book I will not give away anything. I would be pretty pissed if someone ruined it for me. The past few months for me has consisted of everything to do with Harry Potter. I decided to re-read the Order of the Phoenix just to refresh my mind for the new movie. Then i re-read 1/2 blood prince to refresh my memory for the new book. Then the movie came out. I don't really like it. They left out a LOT, but it was much better than the Goblet of Fire movie. Then a week later and the new book comes out. Ohh, but this book is the best. I finally know why everything happened the way it did. I shed lots of tears in certain parts and Snape holds a special place in my heart.

ohhhhh how I wish that the magical world of wizards and witches existed. Having a wand and going to a school that is a castle would be the coolest thing on this planet. I have no idea how JKR thought of the idea of the books. She said the idea just came to her. I can understand that, but there are SO many twists, plots and characters that I sometimes have trouble keeping them straight. I wonder if she wrote the last chapter first before writing the entire thing. If I ever meet her, I will ask her that same question. She is brilliant. It's so cool that the age range who fell in love with these books are from really young children to grandparents. I can't really think of any book that are like that. I just don't know how children can understand what exactly is going on. After the 3rd book, obviously the book started to get dark and more in depth. At the release party the majority of people there were really young kids! I know i wouldn't have gotten everything at that age.
[the countdown for midnight to strike so everyone can buy HPDH]

I sometimes catch myself in my everyday life whispering spells and charms to myself. Like when i go to unlock my car door I say.."alohomora". Other fans are crazy too like that I know. There defiantly won't be another book. I am pretty sure of that. There's a "19 years later" part at the end of the book. I guess all we can do now is each of us can daydream how everyone else lives their life beyond what is in the book. the end- Dawn

Thursday, July 19


i've been trying to stay away from the internet lately. the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows book has been leaking on the internet. i went on aim tonight for the first time in a bit and someone IMed me telling me they know how the book ends and blah blah blah. i got SO pissed. if people are true harry potter fans, they can wait until they can read the hard copy right in front of them in person. i'm sick of those kinds of fans who don't even read the books and just wait for the movie to come out. the movies suck anyway and leave out shit loads of info. how lazy are people?

i like having little random harry potter convos with people. last night i was at a resturant with a friend and someone who he knows came up to us and we all started talking about theories and little things like that. then today, lynzi and i were at wal-mart printing our pictures. on the computer it asks for your first and last name. she put down 'lynzi potter' and i put down 'dawn granger'. when we picked our prints up the guys like "nice names girls". we laughed then started talking about more theories on how the book will end. what will people talk about when the book is over?

i for one, CAN NOT wait to read that book.

accio toothbrush,

Thursday, July 12

ps) i love quizzes

Case number: 001384
ALIASES:dawny depp
LIKES:afi, going to concerts where it's intense and small so everyone gets super sweaty and violent, text messaging, music, singing alone in my car, re-connecting with old friends, hanging with my bestest friends
DISLIKES:the dark, 90's music, veggies
HATES:being in water where i can't see the bottom, mayo, cottage cheese, mustard, self centered people, people who are foul and rude
KNOWN MARKINGS:long eyelashes, little dipper on my cheek
KNOWN FOR:double jointed fingers, bad sense of direction, not paying attention to things, whipping out my flask at random moments
KNOWN CRIMES:kidnapping people and throwing them in my trunk, running from cops in wisconsin and crawling through the soy bean plants, trespassing, public intoxication, jaywalking... blah blah blah
WANTED FOR: flipping off jerkoffs while driving, jumping on a little girls foot on purpose. i get away with everything bad i do.

The Evil Inside
Vital Statistics
City of Residence:chicago area
The Winner Is...
Thrillers vs. Slashers:thriller
Evil vs. Good:probably good, but i like evil.
Ghosts vs. Monsters:Ghosts. most def.
Evil Dead 2 vs. Army of Darkness:army of darkness
Autolycus vs. Ash:wha?
Have You Ever...
Seen a ghost:i like to call them spirits
Played with a ouija board:mine is behind me on the floor then i have my grandparents one from the 1920's like 10 feet away from me.
Tried another method to contact the dead:seance
Visited a cemetary just for fun:yeah, they're creepy at night
Poked the body at a funeral:hell no. that's disresectful
Went to a strangers funeral:yeah. friends grandma
Given yourself the creeps:all the time
Make People Stare
Does your style of dress freak out other people:i don't think so?
Do strangers think you are evil:haha no
Do you dress for Halloween in a month other than October:sometimes!
Do you have any tattoos:yup, one
If so, what & where: wrist
How about peircings (ears don't count):just 4 in the ears
If yes, then where:
Do people roll up their windows when you drive by playing your music:sometimes
Do you have creepy stickers on your ride:nope
If so, what's your favorite:i have ron jon surf shop, nin, some whicked design and i'm gonna be putting my afi one up soon
Ever use a wild hair color:well hair spray colored ones. pink and red
Would You Rather Be...
a ghost/a vampire:vampire. they're hott
ax murderer/strangler:ugh neither
Walmart shopper/Target shopper:target is so much better
Kate Beckinsale/Lucy Lawless:kate is sexy!
Rob Zombie/Sam Raimi:def rob zombie.
in the ground/mausoleum:mausoleums are beautiful but i'd rather be buried in the ground
What famous dead person would you like to meet:lucille ball
What famous person would you like to haunt:george bush. i'd want to make him go crazy and go to a hospital

Tuesday, July 10


first of all i must quote one of my favorite songs hence the title of my "name", the nephilim....

"The Nephilim"
Swing through sadness, tears of joy.
Curse the sunlight.
Arsenic for the girls and boys.
Drink the madness, smoke so coy.
Smile injection.
Serum of a will destroyed.
The seasons change without me.
I remain in shadows growing wings.
The spirit song still surrounds me, in refrain, in shadows growing wings.
Like an angel with two broken wings, reach the sky again.
Like a devil, meant for better things, I will find my place on high.

Sometimes songs can change your life. I have another blog on another site that i've had since 2004. i think it's time for a change and a new(ish) start. i love how i tend to add (ish) on the end of words. it makes no sense, but it makes them more interesting! this is a neat site. i got bored with xanga. there's just so much you can do with that. i had trouble adding pictures and stuff on there and i love pictures. problem solved. on xanga i tended to trail off blabbing about needing to change my nail color or commenting on a program on tv that i'm watching. hopefully, here, i will try not to do that. if i had a drink in my hand, this is when i would raise my glass and make a toast to fresh new starts. it would be better if that glass had some zinfandel wine or something like that in it. mmm... wine! A few weeks ago while i was trying to read a harry potter book in less one week the weather outside was perfect. i took my book, a nice cold glass of wine and sat in my springy seat that is shaped like a banana that hangs from the ceiling of our roof. it was so lovely until the alcohol was starting to take an effect on my reading skill so i gave it up for harry potter.

and this is where i leave off for my first *new* blog.

pixi dust,