Thursday, July 19


i've been trying to stay away from the internet lately. the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows book has been leaking on the internet. i went on aim tonight for the first time in a bit and someone IMed me telling me they know how the book ends and blah blah blah. i got SO pissed. if people are true harry potter fans, they can wait until they can read the hard copy right in front of them in person. i'm sick of those kinds of fans who don't even read the books and just wait for the movie to come out. the movies suck anyway and leave out shit loads of info. how lazy are people?

i like having little random harry potter convos with people. last night i was at a resturant with a friend and someone who he knows came up to us and we all started talking about theories and little things like that. then today, lynzi and i were at wal-mart printing our pictures. on the computer it asks for your first and last name. she put down 'lynzi potter' and i put down 'dawn granger'. when we picked our prints up the guys like "nice names girls". we laughed then started talking about more theories on how the book will end. what will people talk about when the book is over?

i for one, CAN NOT wait to read that book.

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Priya said...

Great! I love harry potter too. I don't want to know anything about the book's ending too. Just can't stand it. Dale has just finished recording the audio version of the book. He knows the ending!! He said that it's a surprising ending. But that is all he said. He respects the fans!!