Monday, August 6

weekend update

friday was full of adventure. Lynzi and i went to mt. prospect to meet sarah jessica parker. she was there promoting her clothing line. well we didn't get there early enough and since there there were a lot of people, we couldn't meet her. we took lots of pictures though. she's so pretty to look at! we were wearing high heels so we decided to give up due to our aching feet. we got back on the interstate to drive to another mall where they had a Hot Topic. we got there in plenty of time for their blaqk audio listening party. the whole album wasn't that impressive. there were lots of stupid young teenage girls there for it. they are too young for our generation. ugh... annoying. well after that we went to MAC and there was this fucking hot guy working there. he came up to us asking if we needed help and our faces all of a sudden glazed over because he was so beautiful. too bad he was gay haha. after that we drove back to our town to sit down for dinner. the rest of the night was dead. no one in town was doing anything so we just called it a night.

on saturday i slept in and in the afternoon lynzi came over to work on our scrapbook. we did our work on the floor of my room while listening to some good music. then we went to my grandmas house for dinner.

today was very boring. when i went to bed the night before my throat kinda hurt and it still did this morning so i slept in until about 2ish. i pretty much had the house to myself so i made chocolate chip pancakes while watching the patriot. after i got done watching that movie i watched the day after tomorrow. then after that i watched rock of love. that show is so funny. rodeo went home tonight. i don't like her... she had too much kid issues. well, after that show was over i made mac n' cheese and watched bend it like beckham. i miss playing soccer. man, today was super dull. well when it rains i get in those moods.

tomorrow i should be getting up early to make some calls and do some paper work concerning the taxi accident that i was involved in 2 months ago. the hospital and doc bills are adding up and i'm sure as hell not paying for them!

stick it to the man,

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