Wednesday, September 19

dreams really do come true

i attended the blaqk audio show last night. as for the people who don't know them... it is davey havok and jade puget's side band from AFI. it was BEYOND my wildest dream. first of all i got front and center RIGHT by daveys mic stand. the stage was as high as my hips (which is kinda short). davey was literally less than a foot from me the entire show. when he was at the mic he was towering over me. a few times his saliva landed on my face. when they came on and sang their first song something was wacking me in the face. it took only a few seconds of confusion to figure out that davey was whipping his mic cord in the air. it kinda hurt. oh well. all of us in the front row was dancing non stop the entire show. jade looked like a little kid behind the synthesizers. when he came out to dance with davey during 'boys and girls' all i did was laugh. he was ADORABLE. either i was dancing or just standing there in awe at what was happening before my eyes. i rubbed my fingers on daveys shoes a few times (just to say that i touched him). his hand was right in front of my face many times and it was so tempting to hold it. i was scared. that's why i touched his shoe. at the end of the show i was yelling jades name and we caught eye contact. he came over to give me a low 5. then my heart skipped. i stayed about an hour after the show in front of their tour bus. the crowd was huge in the beginning, but as the minutes ticked by the majority of people left. yay. then smith (jades brother) came out to those who remained waiting that dave will come out to only sign autographs. no pictures or hugs. when it was my turn i didn't even know he took my ticket stub. i said "davey, you whipped your mic cord in my face". his facial expression (already from smiling) changed to concern said "i'm so sorry, are you ok?". i don't remember what i said. after seeing afi twice and now blaqk audio once i can finally say that i got to meet him after 6 years of devotion.

this whole experience was like a dream that i'll never forget.
AFI is my blood.
DxH is my soul.

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