Friday, February 15

my johnny depp lover

a few months ago i had an amazing dream that i will never forget. i still remember it from this day. it started off me being on Americas Next Top Model tv show. Tyra Banks is the host of that show. well in my dream, Johnny was the host. there was this huge fight between some girls and johnny asked to talk to me privately because i witnessed the entire thing. well after talking he needed to go to wal-mart (or some store of the sort). so we went there and we ended up playing peek-a-boo in the aisles. he made a really funny face and i just fell to the floor laughing. he came over to me and did the same thing. while we were still laughing he looked into my eyes and gave me the most romantic kiss that i've experienced (even in my real life too!). it was one of those perfect kisses that you see in movies and say "now how come that never happens to me?". then he told me that since i entered the competition that he hasn't been able to take his eyes off me. then he asked me to move to paris with him in his house. of course i said yes.

again, i ask myself.... HOW COME THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME IN REAL LIFE. hahaha.

in my dreams,
dawny depp

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Ani said...

wow what a dream! even dreams like that never happens to me haha

Take care hughs from sweden