Saturday, November 3

another year another tear... let the good times roll

well it has officially been over a year since my grandpa died (10/30). my family was sad, of course on the official year mark. i slept in till 3 and laid around watching tv all day. i couldn't bring myself to do anything other than that. life goes on, i guess.

halloween is gone also. last year (obviously) i didn't celebrate halloween. i went to a halloween party last weekend then on halloween i went to a bar all dressed up. this year, i was a zebra. my costume effects were pretty fucking cool. it looked almost... high fashion. well i have another halloween party to go to tomorrow night. no more zebra though. i went to the halloween stores around town since everything is now 1/2 off. i tried on some costumes (alice in wonderland, slutty harry potter, etc) but the skirts came up to my crotch basically so i didn't buy them. i settled on some fake blood, wicked cool eyelashes and some vampire teeth. i'm gonna wear my corpse bride dress my mom made for me a few years ago and turn that into a vampire, somehow. it should be uber fantastic.

i'm done waiting on a boy. it's fucked up and i lost interest already due to him being an asshole. if he comes around again... too late so sorry, betch!

it's november. how did the year go by so fast?

it's over before you know it,

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